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What Is A Cyst?

Cysts are a common occurrence among patients, and most of the time, they are noncancerous (benign). They show up as sac-like cavities that are typically filled with dead skin. Cysts can occur anywhere within the body and in all sizes and shapes, feeling something like a pea-sized lesion under the skin. They may develop as a result of clogged pores or hair follicles. Although most cysts do not cause pain or harm, some can grow to become troublesome for individuals. Cysts that are larger in size usually are eliminated and sent for biopsy to be certain they are in fact benign. Our Midland, TX dermatology practice, Basin Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, treats various kinds of cysts and can provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment strategy according to your medical requirements and history.

How Do You Identify and Treat A Cyst?

Cysts are commonly identified by the bulge they create under the skin. A cyst may manifest with no pain or noticeable symptoms, or it may feel uncomfortable, especially if it is inflamed or ruptures and becomes infected. You may also notice harder, rougher skin around the area of the growth. Larger cysts may cause the organs to shift or create some kind of physical disfigurement.

There are many treatment options to eliminate a cyst once it has been identified. At Basin Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, a common treatment involves draining the growth and removing it with surgery. If a cyst is inflamed, a cortisone injection may be recommended to help shrink the growth. Once removed, the cyst may be sent for a biopsy to confirm whether or not it is benign.

Pain free cyst removal. Dr. Caglia did it all in about 20 minutes, and the staff was very friendly, would recommend to everybody!!

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I saw Adriane Do she was awesome! I had a cyst in between my breast for about 2 years. My pcp sent me to derm to take care of it. Well it was a very good experience she took it out and there is no scares. Her and the nurse did an awesome job that I will gobsee her for other problems.

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Reliable Cyst Treatment

While cysts are only rarely dangerous, they can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, especially if they are larger or develop in a conspicuous spot. If you find yourself suffering from cysts and would like to receive treatment, we invite you to contact Basin Dermatology & Cosmetic Center to arrange a consultation. A detailed physical examination will be provided and a treatment plan recommended for efficient removal. To learn more about treatments for cysts and other skin conditions, schedule a consultation at our Midland, TX practice.

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