Basin Dermatology is proud to offer the non-surgical, gold-standard treatment for nonmelanoma skin cancer GentleCure.

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What is GentleCure?

At Basin Dermatology & Cosmetic Center in Midland, TX, GentleCure is utilized as a premier, nonsurgical treatment option for patients with non-melanoma skin cancers, such as basal and squamous cell carcinomas. Leveraging Image-Guided Superficial Radio Therapy (IGSRT), GentleCure targets cancerous cells with precision, using low levels of X-ray energy that are comparable to dental X-rays. This method is distinguished by its use of ultrasound imaging to accurately assess and treat the affected skin areas, ensuring targeted therapy while preserving surrounding healthy tissue. This innovative approach provides effective cancer treatment with minimal discomfort and recovery time, making it an excellent option for those seeking noninvasive alternatives. To schedule a skin exam, contact our office.

How Does GentleCure Work?

During a GentleCure treatment at Basin Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, you can expect a straightforward and comfortable experience. Each session begins with the application of ultrasound gel to the targeted area, followed by the use of an imaging wand to produce clear images of the skin cancer. These images are displayed on a monitor, allowing you to see the cancer and understand the treatment process. The session typically lasts about 15 minutes, during which a precise dose of X-ray energy is administered, targeting only the cancerous cells without affecting the surrounding healthy tissue. Treatments are well-tolerated, require no downtime, and are generally completed over several weeks.

Noninvasive Skin Cancer Treatments

At Basin Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, we can help you take the next step in skin cancer treatment without surgery. Visit our office and explore the innovative GentleCure therapy. Our team of professionals uses Image-Guided Superficial Radio Therapy to target non-melanoma skin cancers effectively and safely, with minimal discomfort and no downtime. Schedule your consultation at Basin Dermatology & Cosmetic Center to learn how GentleCure can benefit you. Your skin deserves the best care; let us help you achieve it.

Adrienne Do, P.A and her staff were very professional and courteous. She took her time to hear my concerns and figure out a plan that was right for me.

J.Z. Facebook

Adrienne Do took a piece of glass out of my foot with the assistance of Dr. Caglia. Thank you so much!!!

A.B. Google

Adrienne and her team were great. I feel confident in my skin after my visit

F.F. Google

Shout Out! @Adrienne & Mikayla Great team here! Profesional & efficient. Really made me feel at home and comfortable with my procedures. Looking forward to Botox!

E.E. Google

Skilled, kind, & knowledgeable! I have struggled with adult acne and scaring for years and after just a few visits I’m seeing the results I want. I’ve seen several of their providers and each one is incredible. That’s a rarity, I’m very glad to have found your practice.

K.G. Google


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