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Vitiligo in Midland, TX

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What Is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a condition characterized by the loss of color in the skin, creating patches of white that often spread over time. This condition is caused by a dysfunction in the immune system that causes it to kill the cells that produce pigment for your skin (melanocytes). In addition to affecting the skin, vitiligo can cause your hair and mucous membranes in your mouth and nostrils to lose color. Vitiligo is not life-threatening, but it can cause immeasurable stress and anxiety in people who suffer from it. People with vitiligo also tend to be more prone to autoimmune conditions because of their immune system issues. At Basin Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, our practitioners have experience treating vitiligo in Midland, TX and will work with you to discuss the best treatment options for your situation. Contact our facility to schedule a skin consultation, and learn more about the therapies we might recommend.

How Do You Diagnose and Treat Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is commonly identified from the patches of colorless hair or skin that result. There are different categories of vitiligo based on how much the condition has spread:

  • Generalized vitiligo: Discoloration appears throughout the body and symmetrically (for instance, affecting both arms).
  • Segmental vitiligo: This only occurs on one side or one region of the body. This form of vitiligo often presents early in life and stops spreading after a year or two.
  • Focal (or localized) vitiligo: Localized to only a few small regions of the body
  • Acrofacial vitiligo: Affects the skin around the face and hands
  • Universal vitiligo: Affects every part of the body

It's important to understand the challenges that come with treating vitiligo. While there are options to help fight the immune system response that destroys melanin-producing cells, results are often limited, and the discoloration can still spread in the future. At Basin Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, we may recommend topical corticosteroid creams to help manage problems in the immune system. Another emerging vitiligo treatment is light therapy, a technique that uses ultraviolet light to slow the condition's spread and potentially create a more even skin tone. However, this therapy carries the risk of burning the skin or an increased chance of developing skin cancer. Some patients opt instead for skin grafting, which involves surgically grafting unaffected skin to restore color to affected areas, but this is a more invasive treatment and is usually not offered in a clinical setting. Our skin health specialists in Midland, TX will review your case and help you determine which vitiligo treatment is right for you.

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Skilled, kind, & knowledgeable! I have struggled with adult acne and scaring for years and after just a few visits I’m seeing the results I want. I’ve seen several of their providers and each one is incredible. That’s a rarity, I’m very glad to have found your practice.

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Options for Managing Vitiligo

There is much that still isn't known about vitiligo, but with the right care, you can manage your immune system and keep your skin healthy. The skin care team at Basin Dermatology & Cosmetic Center in Midland, TX will help you by diagnosing your condition and offering an appropriate course of treatment. Reach out to our office today to learn more about treating vitiligo and other skin conditions.

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