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What Is Eczema?

Eczema is a broad term for a collection of skin conditions that are triggered by allergic reactions, or in some cases, by the body's own malfunctioning immune system. The common link between these diseases is that they all result in inflammation, discoloration, and itchy skin. Eczema can occur anywhere on the body, including the hands, neck, face, or other places. The most common variety is atopic dermatitis, which usually develops as a consequence of an allergic reaction. No matter how long you've been dealing with eczema or what has brought it on, the professionals at Basin Dermatology & Cosmetic Center in Midland, TX will strive to diagnose your condition and formulate a precise treatment program so you can live in comfort again.

How Is Eczema Diagnosed and Treated?

Eczema is most often characterized by the presence of red, dry, or itchy skin, as well as persistent and unexplained breakouts. Normally, your skin will begin to feel itchy before a rash pops up. A number of patients encounter patches of skin that are continuously itchy, dry, or thickened. While these spots can appear anywhere, they typically present in the hands, legs, chest, neck, and face. Children may also develop lesions on the inner knees and elbows. The medical community isn't yet certain why eczema develops, but it is commonly thought to be caused by autoimmune issues, genetics, environmental irritants, or as a consequence of other skin conditions.

Once diagnosed, eczema can be treated with various over-the-counter or prescription solutions, both in the form of oral antihistamines (like Benadryl) and hydrocortisone creams. Severe eczema may be addressed with steroid creams or immunomodulators, as well as oral or topical corticosteroids. In certain extreme cases, ultraviolet light treatment or laser therapy might also be used on the affected areas. When other alternatives have failed, immunosuppressants could be prescribed as these drugs suppress the immune system.

Jarret and Dr Caglia are amazing! Jarret went above and beyond to take care of my son and his eczema. I am extremely thankful for their amazing care!

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Find Relief for Eczema

Whether you are burdened by chronic eczema or are just beginning to experience itchy, inflamed skin, there are many eczema treatments available at Basin Dermatology & Cosmetic Center. Implementing a multi-level treatment plan that combines detection, prevention, and treatment will help you not just manage your eczema but also may significantly improve your symptoms. Reach out to our practice in Midland, TX today to find help for your eczema symptoms.

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